Tips When Buying a Thermal Mass Flow Meter China

It is necessary to have some knowledge of the measurements before choosing a thermal mass flow meter. Gas and liquid can both be quantified by using gauges which compute the flow at kilograms/second, liters/second in relation to their density. Each device is unique, so you can’t use one meter for potable water and wastewater plant. It won’t take long to find the perfect one if you follow these tips.

Make a checklist

What material is to be measured? Is it liquid or gas. What kind of liquid or gas is it? Are you unsure if the liquid is clean or dirty? Is it possible to access the information remotely? Is it important to know the temperature conditions in the plant and material. Are they hot or cool? A gauge that compensates for temperature fluctuations may be required to measure hot water. You should include the following in your checklist: the liquid viscosity (corrosive, conductive properties), toxicity (if applicable), and the type of piping. If you are dealing with gases, be sure to note if it is wet, corrosive and toxic, combustible, clean, or both.

There are many mass or water flow meters that you can choose from, such as coriolis and differential pressure. Each has its pros and cons.

Limiting your prospects

Although there are many companies that offer these devices, the best manufacturers have the best engineering to help identify plant specifications. An easy-to-follow guide will help you find the perfect product for you. It is important to have strong local presence, as well as qualified partners in North America, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. This will reduce the time it takes to shut down the mass flowmeters if they run into a problem. The manufacturer can send engineers right away. You should also expect a competitive rate from the manufacturer, as well as technical assistance for your staff and application assistance, or the taking care of any repairs or maintenance.

Save on your costs

Cost will result from listing the plant specifications. This is if you include the hours required. You will then need to find the best technology for you. A reasonable estimate would put the cost at between 30-40% of sales. You can use online configuration tools like Smart Matrix to quickly determine the best mass flow meter for you plant. Once you have found the product that you are interested in, you can go online to find technical information or ask your engineer for details.

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